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Networking and Security Consulting Practice

We help our customers achieve important business goals through the efficient and secure implementation of advanced technologies. In our numerous engagement, we have demonstrated a profound understanding of current technologies and proven ability to assess, audit, review and implement infrastructure while providing a repository of proven methods, knowledge, ideas, tools and best practices. Our engineers are industry certified and have the expertise to help transform your information technology business goals into quantifiable results.

MRG Network Consulting begins with Network Audit, Optimization and Capacity Planning

  • Base-Lining
  • Configuration Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Security Audit
  • Inventory Audit
  • LAN/WAN Health Audit
  • Reliability and Availability Audit
  • Protocol and Resource Optimization
  • Performance Evaluation
  • System Tuning and Capacity Recommendations

MRG’s Methodology is focused on Fault, Capacity, Performance, and Security

  • Requirement Analysis
    • Collect Pre-audit information
    • Identify Physical/Logical Design Limitations.
    • Establish Baseline parameters
    • Customer Expectations
  • Data Collection & Documentation
    • Create templates for gathering all the required information.
    • Decide on network monitoring points.
    • Monitor Link utilization, frame sizes, frames/sec, faulty frames, and protocol wise utilization on WAN side using SNMP and router and WAN switch statistics
    • Monitor Layer 2 collisions, bad frames, CRC errors, and most active host on segment and top 5 high traffic generators on a LAN segment.
    • Capture snapshots of critical devices at peak and off peak hours using SNMP

MRG’s Delivery Methodology

  • Network Analysis
    • Analyze the network – Fault Management
    • Analyze the network – Capacity Management
    • Analyze the network – Performance Management
    • Analyze the network – Security Management
  • Performance Troubleshooting and Optimization
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge Transfer


  • Network Audit Report
    • Network performance details
    • Network configuration details
    • Network documentation
  • Network Management Audit Report
  • Network Design Report
  • Continuous Network Improvement Services Contract

MRG Technology networking and security consulting practice specialize in the planning, Auditing, design, implementation, and on-going support of Network Infrastructure